Slotomania Review

Few social games are as popular as the free Slotomania slots, which will have you spellbound for hours upon hours without costing you a cent.

Slotomania by the Numbers

It has been referred to as a social media monster and there is no doubt that Slotomania is the number one choice for many who are looking to play free pokies. Some interesting facts about the Slotomania free slots are:

  • They have millions of players from all over the world
  • Most users are on Facebook
  • The mobile apps where launched in 2011
  • Slotomania free pokies can be found on Amazon, Yahoo Games and the Russian social media network Odnoklassniki.
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How Does It Work?

As every Slotomania review will tell you, it is very easy to get started with this game. You download the app to your mobile phone or tablet and then you will be able to start the first slot game called Farm Fortune. To unlock other games you need to advance in level. You can do this either by winning on the game or by getting free coins doing things like recommending Slotomania to others.

The more points you make with your rounds, the more games you can unlock and by then there are hundreds of Slotomania pokies waiting to be discovered by you.

Where can you obtain this app?

You can find the Slotomania slots on Facebook, Amazon App Store, Google Play and Apple App store. Even though it is easy enough to use it might be wise to read a Slotomania app review before you download and start the fun.


Slotomania is free of charge and you can play and move up in levels for free. But if you want to advance faster, it is possible to buy coins. However before you buy in, be sure to learn more about how you can get free coins.

What Are The Benefits Of Playing?

The biggest benefit of playing Slotomania free pokies is the entertainment they provide. You get satisfaction from unlocking new games and sharing the news of your upgrade with friends on Facebook.

What Are The Disadvantages?

The only big disadvantage to these slots is that they won’t win you any real money. Also it can take some time to level up and to some it might be a bit boring to play the same game over and over again.

Social Integration

With Slotomania free slots everything is shared with friends through social networks. You can:

  • Invite them to play with you
  • Share your results
  • Send gifts to friends
  • Discuss the games

Games Overview

The themes of the Slotomania pokies don’t differ that much and you will find that they have a classic slots setup with important symbols like scatters and wilds. The fact that you have to gather coins and play more in order to unlock more games makes Slotomania very sticky and hard to resist. Popular titles are Wild & Free, Dragon Days and Immortal Wins.