Beating Pokies

There are people out there that will say that there’s no way to beat pokies. In a way, they might be right. The legitimate online pokies are controlled by RNGs (random number generators) and this means that all results are arbitrary. You could click on the play button once and end up winning a million or you could spin several times without seeing any winnings.

If you want to know how to win on pokies you need to understand what proper slots strategy is all about. Here are the factors to consider

  • Picking the right games
  • Betting correctly
  • Making use of bonuses
  • Maintaining a proper budget

Here are some more valuable pokies tips…

Play to Win

Of course you’re playing to win money, but did you consider how exhilarated you feel when you bet on the pokies? Make use of free pokies to get the pure entertainment value by finding the titles that give you a good time no matter how much you win. Why? Because if you are having fun you are a winner no matter what!

With an Eye on the RTP

If you want to stay ahead you need to be aware of a concept called “RTP” which stands for return to player. This is the percentage that can be given in general for a casino or for specific slot machines. You want to come as close to 100% as possible but understand that the promised return is not necessarily going to come to you.

Here’s an example: A pokie with an RTP of 97.4% will pay out 97.4% of all bets won. This dynamic does not apply to every player as an individual but rather to all the players as a whole. Make sure to notice this.

Make Use of Free Spins and Bonuses

For most players, chancing on that sweet win won’t come on the first spin. You need to play many times in order raise your winning chances. That’s how probability works. To up your chances via increased play you can make use of free spins that the casino will give you, or you can utilize bonus money. If there are free spins for the games that you are interested in, then go for it! Otherwise, it is smarter to use the bonus money elsewhere.

Regarding free spins, it is always wise to be on the lookout for spins that can be played without wagering requirements. These are pure gold and casinos tend to give them to VIP players rather than as welcome offers. Without wagering requirements you can cash out your wins as soon as you want. That means that your money won’t be tied up.

A Smart Pokies Budget

If you want to know how to win on pokies you should also learn how to keep your winnings. This is a crucial point, and one that many players totally miss. It is so easy to gamble all the money that you win on slots and then end up with nothing to show in your wallet. Here are some pokies tips for how to create a smart pokies budget where you will end up keeping the winnings:

  • Decide how much you will withdraw of winnings
  • Open and use an e-wallet for easy withdrawals
  • Take a break! Assess your situation after winning
  • Stick to your budget… no matter what

Research clearly shows that people that win the lottery and on other games quickly gamble it all away too often. If you want to beat the slots you must stay on top of your winnings and have a good plan for cashing them out before they disappear into new bets!