Cleopatra Casino Review

In the Cleopatra Casino free slots app you can get Huuuge wins. This game is loaded with free spins, special bonus games and more to make it possible for you to play on and on for free. Learn more about this cool social game in this short Cleopatra Casino review.
Cleopatra Casino

Cleopatra Casino by the Numbers

For players that love the Ancient Egypt theme in slots the Cleopatra Casino free pokies are a gem. This game was quick to become one of the foremost within free social gaming.

  • When the Cleopatra Casino free slots app was published it spread so quickly that within a few months it had been downloaded over 500,000 times!
  • Cleopatra is considered a Huuuge classic along with Cats & Dogs and Zeus.
  • Today the game has millions of installs from different app stores and it is getting thumbs up from players all over the world.
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How Does It Work?

To begin with, you start playing for free and if you are lucky you can win loads of credits on the two slot machines and on the video poker and blackjack games. You can use new credits to continue playing and if you run out of them you can buy new ones to continue the fun. Before you download the app you can read a Cleopatra Casino app review by real users, especially on sites like Amazon.

Where can you obtain this app?

You will find the Cleopatra Casino app on Google Play, Facebook, through Twitter, the Apple Store and on Amazon.


You can choose to play for free and hope for good luck in the games so that you win more coins to play with. Even if you choose to buy in to play more, you will find that it is not expensive to do so.

What Are The Benefits Of Playing?

The theme is catchy and entertaining and three types of games are included in the package. It is also fun to share results with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

What Are The Disadvantages?

To some players, four games are not enough to give long term satisfaction to the playing experience. Also, some may feel that buying more credits to play and not winning real money can be a downer.

Social Integration

This is a social gaming app, meaning you will interact with your friends over social networks, sharing your gaming experience in a very smart way.

Games Overview

Here you get four games, the main one being the Cleopatra slot machine that brings you to Ancient Egypt with cool graphics, animations and sound effects. The other slot is the Pharaoh Slot which also comes with amazing symbols and many winning chances.

You will also get blackjack and video poker with the Cleopatra Casino app.