Big Fish Casino Review

One of the most well-liked social gaming apps available is Big Fish Casino, which offers a wide range of casino games free of charge. Using the special bonuses you can play Big Fish Casino free slots just for your enjoyment, sharing the entertainment with your friends on Facebook.
Big Fish Casino

Big Fish Casino by the Numbers

It is clear that Big Fish Casino free pokies are hugely popular, being that this brand ranks amongst the highest social gaming services year after year.

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Real facts about Big Fish Casino:

  • During the first months of 2015, the average Big Fish Casino player spent around $400 on games.
  • Studies have shown that the older the user of the Big Fish Casino app, the more money he is likely to spend on the games.
  • In late 2014, Churchill Downs Inc. acquired Big Fish Games, boosting them to new earnings and revenue records for Q1 2015.

How Does It Work?

In this Big Fish Casino review we won’t go through all the aspects of the Big Fish social games, as the games are pretty much self-explanatory. All you have to do is download the app and make use of the free credits that you have to play on casino games.

If you win you get more money to play with, but there is also another way to earn free money towards playing the Big Fish Casino free pokies. Send your friends free credits daily and they can pass free credits on to their friends too.

Where can you obtain this app?

You can find this app on Facebook, Amazon, Google Play and in the Apple Store. Take the opportunity to read a Big Fish Casino app review by real users before you download so that you know exactly what you can look forward to.


There are players who spend thousands of dollars on Big Fish free games even though it is possible to earn the credits for free. There are also players who don’t pay anything and yet they manage to bring in millions of credits to continue playing. A word of advice is to learn more about how to play these games before placing any buy ins.

What Are The Benefits Of Playing?

The only conclusive benefit of these games is the fun they bring and of course the social aspect that they involve. You will connect with your friends and make new ones as you enjoy the Big Fish Casino games.

What Are The Disadvantages?

These games can be quite addictive and hard to stop playing and therefore you might find yourself making buy ins that weren’t part of your original plan.

Social Integration

This app works well through social networks like Twitter and Facebook and it is fun to share results and treat friends to more credits through these venues.

Games Overview

This is a casino and therefore you will have access to everything from free pokies to table games. With every day comes with a recommended game with free credits, making for nice variety and the option of learning new casino games.