Jackpot Party Casino Review

You can enjoy free casino games on your phone by downloading the Jackpot Party Casino app. This app will give you plenty of Jackpot Party Casino free pokies and other games. Read this Jackpot Party Casino review to learn a bit more about this social gaming app.
Jackpot Party Casino

Jackpot Party Casino by the Numbers

The Jackpot Party Casino free slots come from Phantom EFX, which is a subsidiary of WMS Industries Inc. Here are some interesting facts about this casino:

  • With the Jackpot app you get over 70 cool casino games.
  • Over 80% of the players come from the USA but Jackpot Party Casino is also gaining popularity by players in Australia and in other parts of the World.
  • In 2014 Phantom EXF reported about 800,000 daily users and a top 5 position for casino apps on Facebook.
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How Does It Work?

To start playing you need to download the app in a version that is compatible with your phone. This will give you access to the free games. You start with a set amount of coins but you can up your budget by winning on the games and by taking on bonuses straight from the game and from friends.

Where can you obtain this app?

This app is readily available on Google Play, Apple iTunes and Facebook. You can also read a real user Jackpot Party Casino app review on many of these sites.


It is possible to buy in to get more games, an option which many players prefer over having to request from friends and acquaintances on social networks to send bonuses. Every day comes with daily bonuses so you can always wait until the next day to get more to play with.

What Are The Benefits Of Playing?

This is an app with high quality pokies and other free casino games. The entertainment is the greatest benefit but so is the fact that you can share the fun with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

What Are The Disadvantages?

It is hard to stop playing and it can feel like a huge disappointment to go from a few million virtual dollars to nothing in a short amount of time. It can equally be disappointing to win so much virtual money... without getting it for real.

Social Integration

It is easy to get going on Facebook and to start sharing results and bonuses with friends. In fact, it is the easy social integration that makes the Jackpot Party Casino free slots so unique and enjoyable.

Games Overview

Enjoy the Zeus games as well as the classic Super Jackpot Party. You will have over 70 games to choose from, which may make you want to continue earning money and perhaps even buy in to discover new exciting worlds. It should be said that this is a very sticky game and you risk getting addicted to it.